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Young People

Awards For Young People

Youth awards will get you on your path to success.

Throw out any old ideas that learning starts and stops in the school classroom. Get involved in new adventures, having fun and finding out about the talents you never knew you had. Come follow your passions and live your dreams.

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Some of our Awards

Scottish Countryside Ranger’s Association

Scottish Junior Ranger Award

Provider: Scottish Countryside Ranger’s Association

The Scottish Junior Ranger Award has developed from a Pilot programme launched in 2013. This is a great award for young people who are wild about nature, the… more

RAF Air Cadets

Air Cadet Aviation Practice 1 Award (SCQF 5)

Provider: RAF Air Cadets

The RAF Air Cadet Aviation Practice 1 Award has been developed through Lowland Reserve FCA and is awarded and certificated by SQA in partnership… more

JAS Award

Provider: Awards Plus (formerly FOTA)

The Join in Award Scheme (JAS) is a fully inclusive, holistic, progressive learning accredited award scheme for young people aged 5 – 14 years. It develops… more


Youth Work in Schools Partnership

Youth Work in Schools Partnership

Youth Link Scotland's Youth Work in Schools Partnership has produced an evaluation of case studies reflecting on examples of youth work in schools. The report… Read More


The Queen’s Scout Award is the top Youth Award in Scouting. The award recognises leadership and teamwork and requires high standards of discipline and… Read More
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Amazing Things

A Directory of Youth Awards in Scotland.

Transferability of skills gained through youth work

Download a copy of ‘Get Ahead – Scouting and employability’ – an example of how to identify transferrable skills gained through youth work experiences.

UCAS Personal Statement

How to write a UCAS Undergraduate personal statement

Tips on Writing a CV

Tips on CVs and applications and access to the MyWorldofWork CV builder.


A quick guide to Apprenticeships in Scotland.

What employers say about youth work awards

A sample of quotes from employers, and case studies.