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Youth awards provide amazing learning experiences and outcomes for young people as they grow up in Scotland. The micro-credentials developed give young people skills which employers now value more highly than many formal academic qualifications, because it gives young people a rich narrative framework for demonstrating their strengths and talents that are useful in the workplace and in wider society. For learning providers it offers a tried and tested framework for experiential learning on a wide range of topics, themes, projects, research, adventures and more.

What can you do?

  • Use the Award Finder to help your students identify the award(s) that might best suit their learning needs, interests or ambitions.
  • Sign up to become Awards Aware and keep up to date with regular communications.
  • Promote the value of youth awards within your education setting and celebrate young people's engagement in activities in their communities.
  • Encourage your students to share information about their achievements and record them on their Pupil Profiles.
  • Demonstrate to parents and wider stakeholders, the importance of wider engagement in positive learning experiences.
  • Build local networks of support and connect young people into real world opportunities and pathways for training, qualifications and employment.

Youth awards should always be tailored to individual needs. Some have internal recognitions systems such as badges and awards. Many are levelled on the SCQF framework (from L2 to L7). This means that they carry the same currency as formal qualifications.  The Insight system gives them an international currency that individual students carry with them throughout their lives. 

Take the opportunity to broaden learning experiences within schools and community settings. 

Working with local partners in CLD and youth work can bring a host of resources, support and expertise for achieving wider success. Many youth awards can be done in tandem and lead to dual accreditation. There are often pots of funding and other resources available which can lighten the load for education providers and share the benefits of working together.

Some of our Awards

YPI Scotland

Provider: The Wood Foundation / YPI Scotland

The Wood Founadtion / YPI Scotland is an Awards Network Strategic Partner.  Wood Foundation Deputy UK Director Jonathan Christie said, 'Like the… more

Venture Scotland

Etive Award: Venture Scotland - The Journey

Provider: Venture Scotland

We support young people aged 16-30 to develop new life skills and build their confidence, improve their mental and physical health and increase their access to… more

Young Scot

DigiKnow? Champions Award (SCQF 4)

Provider: Young Scot

The DigiKnow? Champions Award supports young people to become more cyber resilient and learn how to protect themselves and their devices. They'll also learn to… more

Army Cadets

Army Proficiency Certificate

Provider: Army Cadets

The Army Proficiency Certificate (APC) training syllabus will teach you leadership skills, discipline and give you self-confidence you never thought… more

Awards Aware

Your school or college can demonstrate the value it attaches to youth work awards and its understanding of the opportunities they provide to young people by signing up to be “Awards Aware”.


An Awards Aware body understands the range of youth work awards available; endorses youth work awards as evidence of learning and achievement; values the skills developed through youth work awards; and recognises recipients of youth work awards as successful learners offering strong transferrable skills.