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Joe's Story

Joe was referred by his school to the Pupil Support Service in Fife due to his refusal to follow basic school rules. He had a history of multiple exclusions and was verbally abusive to staff, including threats of physical violence.

The Pupil Support Service offered Joe the opportunity to participate in a Bronze level Youth Achievement Award. The offer was part of a package of experiences which were designed to help re-engage Joe with education in its broadest sense and allow him to experience success through gaining a recognised qualification.

The flexible nature of the Youth Achievement Award made it very accessible for Joe; he was able to plan his involvement and take responsibility for every aspect of his learning.

For his Award, Joe set himself 4 personal Challenges that were based on his interests:

  • To take part in a range of arts and craft activities
  • To develop my practical skills in the kitchen
  • To create a nursery garden for children to use
  • To help build and set up a school allotment

Joe initially presented in a very confrontational manner however, with some intense work and nurture from staff, he began to engage with his Challenges and work towards completing his Award.

Staff reported that after only a short period of time, it was very evident that Joe was becoming much more confident and positive around all aspects of his education.

They could also see an improvement in other areas of the curriculum as the positive experience of participating in the Youth Achievement Awards transferred into Joe’s relationships with staff, which in turn improved work rate and attitude in other subject areas.

Joe said "The best bit about the Youth Achievement Awards was getting to pick your own Challenges. I could pick things I really enjoyed, like cooking and working outdoors"



Joe successfully completed his Bronze Youth Achievement Award and went on to gain further qualifications which enabled him to gain a place on a 16+ employability course.



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