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Youth Work in Schools Partnership

Youth Work and Schools Partnership's Story

Youth Link Scotland's Youth Work in Schools Partnership has produced an evaluation of case studies reflecting on examples of youth work in schools. The report states:

“Youth work - taking place in schools and within the wider school community – is integral to the design and delivery of Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence, and plays an important role in the learner journey for many young people in Scotland. Youth work complements the formal curriculum, creating more flexibility and choice for young people and enabling their development as confident, successful learners. Alongside colleagues across Scottish education, the youth work sector is committed to tackling the Scottish Attainment Challenge and reducing the impact of poverty on educational outcomes for young people. The current public health crisis has reinforced the need to redouble efforts to address the inequalities that still hamper the prospects of too many of Scotland’s young people.”

This example is from Barrhead High School.

This example case study from Wick High School on wider achievement sits alongside 65 others that were part of the wider study.


Young people from across the case studies were extremely positive about what they have achieved through youth work in schools partnerships.

64% of the projects in the study offered young people opportunities to gain accredited youth work awards or qualifications. 1080 young people in the sample group attained at least one accredited youth work award or SCQF qualification through their involvement in youth work.

“I am going to get involved in new things now. I have done my John Muir and Dynamic Youth Award, joined new groups and got involved in online projects. I hope to volunteer soon.” 

“I got a certificate for Princes Trust Development and Employability Award and I would not have got that if I did not come to school... I went from not coming into school at all to like coming in every day mostly.”

“It’s good to be recognised for the work we carried out and it gave me confidence.” 

“I did a Bronze Youth Achievement Award... I have achieved more than just school work and I’m proud with my folder.” 

“It has been good to take part in a fun programme like StreetwYze and get a qualification from my own work.” 

“It’s made me feel like I’ve actually achieved something. It’s made me want to do better in school.”

Youth Work in Schools Partnership


Continuing to widen access to accredited youth work awards and qualifications is clearly important – young people value and are motivated by these. 

Youth Work in Schools Partnership

Youth Work in Schools Partnership

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