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#YLSConf19 - Recognising Wider Learning and Achievement

28 Nov 2019

A presentation on recognition of wider learning and achievement was delivered by the Awards Network and Education Scotland at the YouthLink Scotland 2019 National Youth Work Conference.

The Awards Network has been on a journey to deliver on its Vision of youth awards being 'widely valued and recognised as critical evidence of every young person’s learning and achievement'. This has contributed to the establishment in 2018 of The National Group on Recognising Wider Learning and Achievement. Led by Education Scotland and engaging a wide range of stakeholders collaborativley it is currently working to develop a resource and guidance to enable teachers, youth workers and others to recognise, value and capture the personal learning achievements of young people from within and beyond the school gates. 

This presentation provides background on the Awards Network; sets out key policy contexts in which this work is being progressed; and highlights the progress of the National Group to date.