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Sports Leaders UK

Sports Leaders UK's Story

Sports Leaders UK is an Awarding Organisation that creates leadership skills for life. Our vocational awards and qualifications aim to equip young people with employability skills by improving motivation, self-esteem, communication, organisation, team work and confidence. Leadership and volunteering is a vital part of all of our courses and allows young people to practice and build their skills in order to ‘Give More and Become More’, thus improving their employability and CV’s.

Through awards and qualifications, we create a fun and dynamic focus, with essential health, employment and social benefits. Recent research showed that learners on our courses reported that their participation in Sports Leaders UK qualifications and awards led to positive personal outcomes across a range of ideas. For example:

  • 92% of sports leaders said they were more confident about speaking in front of a group
  • 96% of sports leaders felt they had developed confidence in leading a group.
  • 99% of sports leaders felt they have improved their communication skills
  • 74% of sports leaders felt more positive about life
  • 80% of sports leaders felt inspired to get other people more active
  • 80% of sports leaders felt more likely to help out in their community
  • 78% of sports leaders felt the skills they had gained could be used in the workplace

St Mungo’s Academy in Glasgow, deliver a pathway of sports leadership from S1 – S6. They deliver the qualifications to help contribute to Significant Aspects of Learning. The courses also inspire pupils to get involved in the life of their school and take more responsibility in making their school and community a successful place to learn and have fun.

The Sports Leaders UK qualifications and awards offer our students the chance to develop lifelong leadership skills in a fun and active setting within the school curriculum. They are changing lives and giving new exciting opportunities to students within St. Mungo’s Academy. Sports Leaders UK definitely helps us greatly in working towards achieving our school motto 'Bringing out the Best'. They help create individuals that exams can’t. — Fiona, Glasgow

Sports Leaders UK


The Sports Leaders UK qualifications are an extremely valuable asset to their school, they allow pupils to vastly improve on their Leadership skills and values. The courses link directly to Curriculum for Excellence experiences and outcomes and most definitely encourage their young people to be confident individuals, responsible citizens, successful learners and contributors to our school and the local community. 

Sports Leaders UK

Sports Leaders UK

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