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Katie's Story

Katie, 17, from Dundee, experienced a turbulent childhood. When her mother could no longer care for her, Katie went to live with her grandparents.

The following three years were difficult - Katie developed anxiety and depression and began an unhealthy relationship with food. At home, she experienced constant conflict, unable to deal with her anger.

At school, she was bullied and began to feel the blows to her confidence, motivation and self-belief were her own fault. Meanwhile, she was not able to give any commitment to her education and was underachieving in school.

Through her school, Katie was enrolled on The Prince’s Trust Fairbridge programme which gives disadvantaged young people the skills and confidence they need to change their lives for the better.

Katie had to overcome her anxieties about unfamiliar people and places. On the programme, she gained confidence and motivation and learned new skills to help her succeed in her education. She was able to begin challenging her attitude to food and her depression.

“The Prince’s Trust made me think more positively about my future. I realise that out of some bad situations in the past, I have gained some life lessons that will help shape my future. From taking part in The Prince’s Trust courses and industry days, I have found out what I want to do and how to achieve getting there.



Katie went on to join The Trust’s Achieve programme which helps young people who are struggling at school, giving them confidence and motivation. This gave her direction in relation to her life after school and she developed strong friendships which gave her a social life.

Katie is now looking forward to her future and is studying Beauty Therapy at college.



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