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Harriet's Story

At 17, Harriet, in her own words, was a typical teen from Glasgow. She had no ambition or drive, and was content to continue her part time job in her local hairdressers when she had finished school.

Then the opportunity came along for her to take part.

Her three weeks at Outward Bound were some of the most challenging of her life.

And with that challenge, came a whole new perspective on what she could achieve in life. She no longer wanted to settle for the life that she was living.

She too saw the potential that her Outward Bound instructor had recognised. And now with a new sense of confidence and independence, wanted to go out into the world and make a success of her life.

Harriet’s course gave her the chance to raise her aspirations and realise her potential.



Harriet is now completing her Highers, and has plans to head to university. She now works as a volunteer at a local charity and one day hopes to work in the outdoors.



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