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Young Scot DigiKnow? Champions Award (SCQF 4)

Why this award?

The DigiKnow? Champions Award supports young people to become more cyber resilient and learn how to protect themselves and their devices. They'll also learn to understand the role of data and information in relation to technology use – whilst reflecting on positive and negative impacts of technology use on their wellbeing. They'll develop an awareness of digital rights, identify job routes in cyber and digital, explore their skill sets, and be supported to pass on their knowledge gained to other learners. 

The Award is part of our DigiKnow? programme which launched in 2018 and supports young people to develop cyber resilience skills, safe online habits and feel better equipped to deal with the changing landscape of digital technology. The programme is funded by the Scottish Government in partnership with the UK Government's National Cyber Security Programme.

The Award has been designed for young people, by young people, with our DigiKnow? Steering Group supporting on design and development. It covers six topic areas relating to young people's cyber resilience and online lives:

  • practical cyber resilience
  • digital footprint
  • health and wellbeing online
  • online rights
  • career and learning opportunities
  • peer learning

The award is self-guided and can be completed online. 

We're working closely with Local Authority partners to roll out the Award with support from our DigiKnow? Ambassadors. The Ambassadors are a network of professionals who work with young people in both formal and non-formal learning settings to support the delivery of the DigiKnow? programme. The Ambassadors will support and guide young people through the Award.

Who is it for?

It is open to learners aged 12 to 25 from a variety of learning backgrounds – with a goal to support those who may be particularly vulnerable to online threats or facing barriers to their learning.

What time commitment is required?

Although a SCQF Level 4 award reflecting a notional 40 hours of learning, depending on prior learning and experience the award can be completed in 12 to 20 hours.

Is the award externally accredited?

The Award sits on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework at Level 4 – with 4 credit points attached (40 notional learning hours).

Provider: Young Scot

Website: Click here

Budget: Free

For Ages: 12 - 25

Time to Complete: 12 - 20 Hours


  • Youth Work
  • Achievement
  • Develop my CV
  • Gain new skills

Type of Involvement:

  • Local Community
  • On my own

Award Recognition:

  • Certificate of Achievement
  • To build skills and experience
  • SCQF Credit rated

Meeting Frequency: Ad Hoc


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