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Young Enterprise Scotland YES Company Programme Strathclyde Exam

Why this award?

The YES Company Programme requires young people to work in a team to develop their our company. In addition to team work, each individual can develop skills specific to the individual roles and responsibilities they have in the company, to include entrepreneurial; employability: communication; interpersonal; organisational and task management skills; IT and Numeracy skills. Successful completion of the programme can deliver an SCQF Level 6 award.

Optional additional accreditation is provided by the Strathclyde Exam. Conducted by the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship at the University of Strathclyde Business School, it is open to young people who have participated in the YES Company Programme. This 1½ hour refective exam is an optional culmination to the Company Programme experience.   It provides participants the opportunity to reflect on their learning gained through setting up their own enterprise during the Company Programme.

The questions require answers based on candidates' experience in their own Young Enterprise company rather than upon theoretical knowledge. It is, therefore, unnecessary to study and revise for it in order to succeed. This approach provides those who are not usually good at traditional examinations with an opportunity to show what they can do, with questions related to their experience of Leadership, Planning & Development, People & Financial Management, Business Processes, Customer Satisfaction, People Satisfaction, Impact on Society and Business Results. 

Who is it for?

The programme is generally aimed as S5/6 pupils. The examination is exclusively for current members of registered Young Enterprise Scotland companies eligible for an Achiever Certificate (over 1,000 candidates from schools throughout Scotland sat the examination in 2017). All current members of registered Young Enterprise Scotland companies are automatically enrolled for the examination.

What time commitment is required?

​The exam itself takes 1½ hours, but is the end point of participation in the Young Enterprise Scotland Company Programme that requires committement over an academic year

Is the award externally accredited?

Completion of the programme leads to an SCQF Level 6 qualification. ​The YES Strathclyde Exam is conducted by the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship at the University of Strathclyde Business School. Candidates may be awarded Credit or Distinction.

Case study: Reflections of a YES Company Programme participant, Kirkwall Grammar School, Orkney

Provider: Young Enterprise Scotland

Website: Click here

Budget: Award Fee

For Ages: 16 - 18

Time to Complete: N/A


  • Making friends
  • Enterprise
  • Achievement
  • Develop my CV
  • Help get into College or Uni
  • Gain new skills

Type of Involvement:

  • With Others
  • On my own

Award Recognition:

  • Certificate of Achievement
  • To build skills and experience
  • SCQF Credit rated
  • Scottish Qualifications Certificate

Meeting Frequency:


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