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Sports Leaders Dance Leadership (SCQF Level 4 & 5)

Why this award?

Young people undertaking a qualification in Dance Leadership will learn and demonstrate important life skills such as effective communication and organisation whilst learning to lead a basic dance session/activities to younger people, their peers, older generations and within the community.

The courses involve both guided & peer-to-peer learning and supervised leadership to ensure that learners have all the skills they need to lead basic dance activities to other people.

Participants will learn and hone their skills in communication & leadership and boost their confidence to become more employable and help lead others. In doing so your organisation will benefit from creating a cohort of young leaders who can be role models for other students and improve your organisation’s standing in the local community.

We offer qualifications in Dance Leadership at SCQF Level 4 & 5 to ensure that your learners have a structured leadership pathway that helps them develop along the way.

Who is it for?

The Dance Leadership qualifications are aimed at anyone wishing to develop their leadership skills, using dance as the method of engagement and delivery. They can be delivered in a variety of settings, youth work, schools, dance schools, community groups or could accompany the delivery of some of the other awards offered by Awards Network members e.g. Arts Award.

There are no entry requirements, upper age limits or restrictions on who can complete a Dance Leadership Qualification (please see table below for minimum age requirements)

What time commitment is required?

How long will it take to deliver?

The length of time taken to deliver any of the Qualifications is dependent on the level of course chosen. You can deliver any of the qualifications in a variety of ways to suit your programme: over several days, part of a 12 month programme or weekly sessions.

Learners must also complete a number of voluntary hours to demonstrate their learning within their school or community.

Is the award externally accredited?

Each qualification has been credit rated on the SCQF providing recognition for their learning. In addition, our qualifications have been awarded Insight Tariff points to support raising attainment and addressing the attainment gap in schools.

SCQF Level 4

SCQF Level 5

Minimum Age of Learners



Tutored Hours



Demonstration of Leadership (volunteering hours)



SCQF Credits



Insight Tariff Points



Fees applying:

SCQF Level 4 Qualification in Dance Leadership = £23.50 per learner

SCQF Level 5 Qualification in Dance Leadership = £33.50 per learner

For those new to delivering Dance Leadership qualifications we have a special introductory offer available. Please contact us on the details below to find out more.

Provider: Sports Leaders

Website: Click here

Budget: Award Fee

For Ages: 12 - 26+

Time to Complete: 27 Hours


  • Volunteering
  • Arts
  • Youth Work
  • Making friends
  • Achievement
  • Develop my CV
  • Help get into College or Uni
  • Gain new skills
  • Physical Activity

Type of Involvement:

  • Local Community
  • Join a group

Award Recognition:

  • Certificate of Achievement
  • To build skills and experience
  • SCQF Credit rated
  • Scottish Qualifications Certificate
  • Qualifications Authority Accredited

Meeting Frequency: Ad Hoc


Contact Fiona Kennedy on 07808 300298, or send an email.