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RSPB Scotland Wild Challenge Award

Why this award?

The Wild Challenge Awards scheme for schools is all about supporting school-based learning through the Outdoor Learning approach (see also Family Learning option). The activities are divided into two sections - Help Nature and Experience Nature. 

There are three award levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Benefits of Wild Challenge:

  • provides a simple and clear framework for Outdoor Learning in schools
  • offers a strong foundation for interdisciplinary learning as many curriculum areas can delivered through the scheme
  • can be used as a resource to support Outdoor Learning and the benefits that brings to pupils’ engagement and attainment
  • develops pupil resilience and sense of agency through Outdoor Learning
  • can support the development of skills for life and learning
  • is a good way to recognise pupils’ achievements - RSPB sends a personalised certificate for each child to celebrate as they complete each award.
  • has an easy activity verification process; Simply submit a photo of what the children did with a line or two about what they learnt.


  • Young people are more connected to nature
  • Young people have more agency to become effective contributors to the climate and biodiversity crisis
  • Pupils learn how to be a responsible citizen and how to take care of nature

Biodiversity will improve in our school and home settings

Who is it for?

Wild Challenge is open to all ages and abilities. Mainly designed for primary aged school pupils in mainstream education, it can easily be adapted for Home Educators, pupils with Special Educational Needs and Early Years. A non-school variant of the programme is also available, supporting individual and Family Learning.

What time commitment is required?

To earn each award, complete six activities, made up of three from the Help nature section and three from Experience nature section.

The minimum time for each activity is 30 minutes but they are flexible enough to be extended longer to last a whole afternoon or longer. Therefore, a minimum expected time to complete the Bronze award would be at least 3 hours.

Is the award externally accredited?

Verification is provided through RSPB. As each activity is complete, a piece of evidence to show that your class has done it, is sent to RSPB for verification. Simply submit a photo of what the children did with a line or two about what they learnt. When enough activities are completed to reach an award, RSPB sends a personalised certificate for each child to celebrate plus an electronic accolade in the form of a dated roundel which you can use on your websites and email footers when you achieve gold.

Case study: RSPB Learning blogs

Provider: RSPB Scotland

Website: Click here

Budget: Free

For Ages: under 10 - 14

Time to Complete: 3+ Hours


  • Nature
  • Volunteering
  • Get Outdoors
  • Making friends
  • Adventure
  • Achievement
  • Gain new skills
  • Physical Activity

Type of Involvement:

  • With Others
  • Local Community
  • On my own
  • Away from home

Award Recognition:

  • Certificate of Achievement
  • To build skills and experience

Meeting Frequency: One-off day, One week long, Weekly, Ad Hoc


Contact Brock Luek on 07595 092 317, or send an email.