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Children’s University Children’s University Awards

Why this award?

By the time a child turns 18 they will have spent just 9% of their waking life in a classroom. Children’s University is all about recognising and unlocking the potential that’s held in that remaining 91%. Participation in Children’s University is proven to have a positive impact on attainment (EEF, 2017), skills development and social mobility.

Who is it for?

Children’s University is for school-aged children from 5 upwards. Typically the majority of participants are aged 7 – 11 but developments are in place to improve the offer for older children / young people.

What time commitment is required?

Children’s University awards certificates for the length of participation in activities beyond the classroom. The award structure begins at 30 hours, then 65 hours and 100 hours. It then progresses in these increments all the way to 1,000 hours of participation. There’s no pressure for children to reach any award within a specific timeframe, each child’s journey and goals are theirs to decide.

Is the award externally accredited?

Children are recognised annually for the hours of participation they have recorded. These are typically given at local graduation ceremonies at universities or civic buildings. 

Children’s University is thematically agnostic – meaning that participation is not limited to one subject or themed area. A child / young person's participation can be as unique as they are and can take in STEM activities, arts, sports and any variety of activities. As such, the Children’s University awards framework is designed to sit well alongside any other schemes and awards. For example, participation in arts activities can be recorded and also count towards Arts Award. Volunteering is able to be recognised through Children’s University and can contribute to other civic awards.

Case study: 

Provider: Children’s University

Website: Click here

Budget: Award Fee

For Ages: under 10 - 14

Time to Complete: 30 Hours


  • Sport
  • Nature
  • Volunteering
  • Arts
  • Music
  • Youth Work
  • Get Outdoors
  • Making friends
  • Enterprise
  • Adventure
  • Achievement
  • Gain new skills
  • Physical Activity

Type of Involvement:

  • With Others
  • Local Community
  • On my own
  • Join a group

Award Recognition:

  • Certificate of Achievement
  • To build skills and experience

Meeting Frequency: Ad Hoc


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