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1. We believe in us and Education is Power

Awards Network Awards

The Awards Network is made up of some of the most noteworthy award providers to young people in Scotland.

The Awards Network is a forum of providers of youth work awards providing non-formal learning opportunities for young people,. Its members work together to raise awareness of the range and impact of youth work awards that accredit learning and achievements of young people aged 10 to 25. Its membership includes the largest youth organisations in Scotland along with a range of niche award providers.

The Purpose of Awards Network is to ‘Promote and recognise the achievements of young people gained through youth work awards’.

The Vision of the Awards Network is that ‘Youth Work Awards are widely valued and accepted as critical evidence of every young person’s learning and achievement’.



SQA helps people to realise their potential and to achieve their ambitions by providing a wide range of highly sought after, internationally recognised qualifications and associated services.

The SQA Awards highlighted here support the development of personal and social skills in a practical way. They span leadership to mental health and cycling. There is something for everyone.

SQA Awards are flexible so they can capture achievement in smaller chunks of learning where needed. They can be divided into units or grouped together. There is no exam. All achievements are recorded on the nationally recognised Scottish Qualification Certificate.

We are Scotland’s national awarding and accreditation body. We work with schools, colleges, employers, and training organisations to develop, deliver and accredit qualifications and assessments.

Contact details: www.sqa.org.uk | customer@sqa.org.uk | 0345 279 1000


For Ages: 12 - 26+

Time to Complete: 80 Hours

Meeting Frequency: Ad Hoc

Budget: Award Fee

For Ages: 16 - 26+

Time to Complete: 60 Hours

Meeting Frequency: Ad Hoc